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 Lighting Parts



Standard Prisms and Pendalogues

Fancy Prisms and Pendalogues

Pendalogues 1

Plug Drops

French Style

Colonial Prisms

Spear Prisms

(Teardrops/Half Pears)
Colored Crystals
Grape Clusters
Rock Crystal


Uniform Crystal Chains
Graduated w. Baguette

Connector Beads, Jewels, Baguettes, Rings, Rosettes and Stars


Chandelier Crystal:
Candle Cups
Glass Bobeches
Cut Crystal Bobeches

Center Bodies

Center Bowls

Other Crystal Parts:

Crystal Balls

Spears and Spikes

Scrolls, Leaves,


Crystal Lamp Finials

Prism Pins etc


Bell Canopies for
Hanging Fixtures

Ornamental Canopies

Mission Canopies

Back Plates for Wall Fixtures

Brass Chains
solid brass
plated steel
jack and ladder

Loops and Hooks

& check rings

Standard, Ornate

Chandelier Sockets
Lamp Sockets

Candle Sleeves


Pins and Bowties
Check Rings
Thread Reducers
Screws, Nuts

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Colored Single Beads,
for crystal chandeliers and crystal lamps
click here to convert metric to US inches
all beads have a through-the-bead hole

782 Colors (8, 10 & 12mm)
ruby red, pink, amethyst, dark amethyst
dark amber, medium amber, light green, emerald green
cobalt/dark blue, medium light blue, light aqua blue
aurora borealis, charcoal smoke


    Plain Beads
smooth clear spheres
hole through center

Single Beads:

782-08b   8mm clear    $0.15
782-10b  10mm clear    $0.18
782-12b  12mm clear    $0.20

Click here for more clear beads of this type
(4mm to 25mm sizes)

Over 100 more colors and tones are available by special order (1-3 weeks).  Call or email your requirements. 
100+ pieces of any one color are
30% off

  8mm Colors

782R-08     8mm red                         $0.19
782LP-08    8mm pink                       $0.19
782A-08     8mm amethyst                $0.17
782AM-08  8mm dark amethyst         $0.17
782M-08  8mm medium amber          $0.17
782MD-08  8mm dark amber             $0.17
782ML-08  8mm light amber              $0.17
782GL-08  8mm medium green          $0.17
782G-08  8mm emerald green            $0.17
782CO-08  8mm cobalt blue                $0.17
782B-08  8mm dark blue                    $0.17
782MB-08  8mm light medium blue     $0.17
782AQ-08  8mm light (aqua) blue         $0.17
782AU-08  8mm aurora borealis          $0.17
782CS-08  8mm charcoal smoke          $0.17
782WP-08  8mm white (pearlized)       $0.17
782BK-08  8mm black                         $0.17



We can also assemble these into chains
for $0.35 per bead connection
or you can do it yourself using eye pins

A note on some of the colors

The pink has a bit of salmon in it.  Think "depression glass pink"
Medium green has a slight olive tint, or is on the yellowish side of the spectrum, while emerald green is darker and further to the bluish side of the green spectrum.
Cobalt blue and dark blue are both very dark.  The cobalt is almost black and has a slight purplish tint while the dark blue is more of a very deep sapphire blue.
Light medium blue is a midrange grayish blue that becomes very pale against bright light. 
Charcoal Smoke is gray with a very faint tan background against strong light.
Aurora borealis is a traditional glass color that is essentially clear with an iridescent rainbow effect.


  10mm Colors

782R-10   10mm red                           $0.22
782LP-10  10mm pink                          $0.21
782A-10    10mm amethyst                  $0.20
782AM-10  10mm dark amethyst          $0.20
782MD-10 10mm dark amber               $0.20
782G-10  10mm emerald green             $0.20
782CO-10  10mm cobalt blue                 $0.20
782B-10  10mm dark blue                     $0.20
782AQ-10  10mm light (aqua) blue         $0.20
782MB-10  10mm light medium blue      $0.20
782AU-10  10mm aurora borealis          $0.20
782WP-10  10mm white (pearlized)       $0.20
782BK-10  10mm black                         $0.20


12mm Colors

782R-12   12mm red                           $0.30
782LP-12  12mm pink                          $0.28
782A-12    12mm amethyst                  $0.25
782M-12    12mm medium amber         $0.25
782G-12  12mm emerald green            $0.25
782CO-12  12mm cobalt blue                $0.25
782B-12  12mm dark blue                    $0.25
782AQ-12  12mm light (aqua) blue        $0.25
782LB-12  12mm light medium blue      $0.25
782AU-12  12mm aurora borealis         $0.25
782CS-12  12mm charcoal smoke         $0.25
782WP-12  12mm white (pearlized)      $0.2
782BK-12  12mm black                        $0.25



click here to convert metric to US inches


Glass and Crystal
Standard Prisms and Pendalogues

Fancy Prisms and Pendalogues
Pendalogue Selection 1 
Pendalogue Selection 2 

U-Drop Prism Family 
Plug Drop Family

French, Flat or "Christmas Tree" Style Pendalogues
Colored Prisms and Pendalogues

Colonial and Star-Colonial Prisms 
Spear and Cut Spear Prisms 
Tear Drop, Pear, Bubble and Oyster Prisms 

Uniform Crystal Chains 

Crystal Chains 
Graduated Crystal Chains with Baguettes
Chandelier Arms
Crystal Balls 

Crystal Bells
Glass Bobesches  
Hand-Cut Crystal Bobesches
Connector Beads, Rosettes and Stars 
Single Beads
Crystal Spears, Spikes and Finials for Chandeliers  
Scrolls, Leaves and Feathers
Crystal Lamp Finials 
Rock Crystal  

Bell Canopies & Back Plates

Ornamental Ceiling Canopies  
Page 2
Mission Style Canopies or Back Plates
Brass Back Plates for Wall Fixtures
Brass Chains for Chandeliers 
Loops and Hooks, plain and fancy 
Tubing and Seating/Check Rings

Lamp Finials:
Standard, Ornate
Polished Solid Brass - Openwork & Oriental 
Polished Solid Brass - Classical, Polished Solid Brass - Figural 
 Solid Brass-Antiqued

Cast Metal from Antique Designs,
Classic Oriental Style Cloisonné & Faux Ivory
Semi-Precious Oriental Design, Crystal Finials

Candle Sockets
Lamp Sockets
Candle Sleeves 

How to Order
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click here to convert metric to US inches, check the IP thread size table & for gauge sizes

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